American Racing Vehicle Gallery

Check out these Cars and Trucks with our Wheels

1955 Chevy with 17x7 and 17x8 American Racing Torq Thrust II

1966 Mustang with 15x7 PVD Chrome Torq Thrust II Wheels

1993 Silverado with 15x10 Torq Thrust II Wheels

2017 Tahoe with 22x9 Chrome American Racing AR914's

2015 Challenger with custom painted 20x8 Torq Thrust II wheels.

2011 Challenger with 20x8 front and 20x10 rear Torq Thrusts

2005 Tacoma with American Racing Baja. Spacers must be used or caliper ground about 1/16 to clear on the Tacoma.

2003 Wrangler with 15x8 Black Baja Wheels.

1992 Corvette with 17x9.5 Classic Torq Thrusts.

20x10 Camaro with 20x8 and 20x10 Chrome Torq Thrust M's.

1970 Nova with 18x7 front and built-to-order 20x8's rear. The 20x8's have a 5.0" backspace to tuck under the fender.

1967 GTO with custom 17x7 and 17x8 Hopsters

1958 Impala with 15x7 Torq Thrust Originals.

2017 Yukon with 22x9 Chrome AR914's.

1968 New Yorker with 18x7 Torq Thrust II Wheels.

1964 Ranchero with 15x7 Torq Thrust D Wheels.