American Racing Ansen Sprint Slot Mag

VNA69 Ansen Sprint

American Racing Ansen Sprint custom wheel with full polished finish. This wheel is direct bolt with conical seat lug holes for use with acorn style lugs. Below are the part numbers and sizes available in the Ansen Sprint from American Racing. For purchasing information click the part number.

  • 1 Piece Cast Aluminum.
  • Fully Polished Finish.
  • Uses Standard Acorn Lugs.
  • Does Not Accept TPMS.

American Racing Ansen Sprint

Part Number Description Size Bolt Pattern Backspace Hub Bore Load Range
VNA695734 ANSEN SPRINT 15x7 4x108 POLISHED (0mm) 15x7 4x4.25 4.0" 74.9mm 1580 lbs
VNA685748 ANSEN SPRINT 15x7 4x114.3 POLISHED (0mm) 15x7 4x4.5 4.0" 74.9mm 1580 lbs
VNA695769 ANSEN SPRINT 15x7 5x4.0 POLISHED (0mm) 15x7 5x4.0 4.0" 74.9mm 1500 lbs
VNA695765 ANSEN SPRINT 15x7 5x114.30 POLISHED (0mm) 15x7 5x4.5 4.0" 83.06mm 1500 lbs
VNA695761 ANSEN SPRINT 15x7 5x120.65 POLISHED (0mm) 15x7 5x4.75 4.0" 83.06mm 1580 lbs
VNA695783 ANSEN SPRINT 15x7 6x139.70 POLISHED (0mm) 15x7 6x5.5 4.0" 83.06mm 1600 lbs
VNA695865 ANSEN SPRINT 15x8 5x114.30 POLISHED (0mm) 15x8 5x4.5 4.5" 83.06mm 1580 lbs
VNA695861 ANSEN SPRINT 15x8 5x120.65 POLISHED (0mm) 15x8 5x4.75 4.5" 83.06mm 1580 lbs
VNA695873 ANSEN SPRINT 15x8 5x127.00 POLISHED (0mm) 15x8 5x5.0 4.5" 83.06mm 1580 lbs
VNA695883 ANSEN SPRINT 15x8 6x139.70 POLISHED (0mm) 15x8 6x5.5 4.5" 108mm 2200 lbs
VNA695885 ANSEN SPRINT 15x8 5x139.70 POLISHED (0mm) 15x8 5x5.x5 4.5" 108mm 1580 lbs
VNA697865 ANSEN SPRINT 17x8 5x114.30 POLISHED (0mm) 17x8 5x4.5 4.5" 83.06mm 2500 lbs
VNA697861 ANSEN SPRINT 17x8 5x120.65 POLISHED (0mm) 17x8 5x4.75 4.5" 83.06mm 2500 lbs
VNA697983 ANSEN SPRINT 17x9 6x139.70 POLISHED (-12mm) 17x9 6x5.5 4.5" 108mm 2500 lbs
VNA697985 ANSEN SPRINT 17x9 5x139.70 POLISHED (-12mm) 17x9 5x5.5 4.5" 108mm 2500 lbs